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EXPRESS Yourself... EXPRESS Yourself...

We all want that golden product that will revolutionise our revenue, propagate our profits and substantiate our sales (apologies for all the alliteration). Truth is, it doesn't exist... sorry :(

But there are still businesses out there, in this current recession, making big bucks from new products and services. But how?

Well seeing as mind-control still hasn't been put into production yet, we'll just have to suffice with the old fashioned way - marketing! But not as we know it (cue twilight-zone theme tune).

You'll see digital advertising everyday, and I don't mean the type shown every 10 minutes on ITV. I'm talking about Digital Signage - controlled content, usually shown in a public area, such as: reception areas, shop windows, bus stations, banks and almost anywhere else that provides a product or service.

So why should YOU use it?

thats_your_flyer.jpgIt doesn't matter what you're advertising, as long as there's a stream of income to be made from it. Obviously, we can all rope our colleagues, friends & family into handing out flyers, or perhaps send bulk emails (which have a tendency to wind up in the trash folder) - but the problem is, they don't last.

Once your flyer or email is read, it's swiftly discarded or lost amongst the busy workspaces of today's clients. Therefore, you need to take the flyer or email away from their control and have something they'll notice, recognise and respond to - but something they can't touch, change or control.

reception-signage_1.jpgWelcome the solution!

Digital Signage, as aforementioned, is a method of creating and controlling content which draws the attention of the passer-by to your product or service. You'll find them in a host of areas, from shopping centres to hotel receptions - they're even being used in schools to pass news to staff and students. We believe to have the perfect solution for anyone looking to advertise their products or services, no matter whereabouts in the world!


3G Digital Signage, with one of the best Content Management Systems

MediaTile_TV.jpgFully wireless (except the mains) and scalable to massive sizes (only the television or projector is your limitation), the MediaTile 3G Digital Signage Solution is probably the best way to market yourself in this day & age of tech!

Place a MediaTile solution almost anywhere in the world and you'll be able to control with brilliant precision what your potential customers will see. We love the MediaTile solution so much, that we're happy to travel around and show it to you for FREE! Book a Demonstration today, and discover a whole lot more about it...

Won't it cost me a lot?

mediatile_calculator.jpgYes. There's no sweetened way to say it - the technology is expensive. BUT, you'll find yourself making a huge Return on Investment (ROI) within the first year at least! How much do you spend on email and flyer marketing each year: £500, £1000, £2000 or more? If you've answered "Yes" to any of those values, then you need MediaTile!

This is because you're spending a lot of money on disposable marketing - the big businesses can afford to do this, simply down to the fact that they're probably a bigger corporation than you are. But they too use Digital Signage to constantly promote their products and services to thousands of potential customers every day. Which one is most cost-effective in the longer-term? DIGITAL of course!

Some money-saving tips, when using MediaTile...

So, you've spent a good few grand getting MediaTile 3G Digital Signage installed across your premises, nearby public area or a large public facility (such as an airport). Now how do you make that expense back quickly and effectively?

  1. Sell the advertising space to other local businesses. If you sign up three or more other businesses to advertise their products and services through your MediaTile solution - and you charge them just £2 a day for the privilege, you'll have the cost of one screen back in the first year alone!

  2. Free up essential staff time. Anyone in retail, hospitality or another customer-service based environment knows that a lot of their working day is spent answering questions and directing people around. Not anymore! You can tailor your message with useful information for customers, negating the need for all the questions. Giving your staff more time to be productive.

  3. No maintenance costs. We provide a 3 Year onsite warranty with all MediaTile products, meaning that you'll never have to worry about downtime over a 36 month period. You don't need anyone to monitor the system for faults either, as you receive an email if anything seems to be wrong with the MediaTile screen.

  4. You're spending money guaranteed to make money! Finally, think about the impact having thousands more potential customers a year see your brand, promotions or other information. This is marketing people, and this is how it should be done!

Well, now you know how spending a bit of money on one of the best advertising solutions available can make you money... wait, did we really need to tell you that? Surely you already knew that you need to spend money to make money? Oh well, at least now you're aware of where to spend that initial bit of cash and how much of a positive return it can make! Choose MediaTile...

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