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How Much Would You Pay How Much Would You Pay

Everybody want's to be in the business of making money in 2011. Unfortunately, there's not an easy way to go about doubling your profits from last year if you're offering the same products and services.

The most effective way of making that extra revenue is through advertising and marketing.

Here at AV Works, we have an abundance of solutions for digital marketing - from Digital Signage that can be positioned anywhere around the globe, to low-cost HD Video Conferencing Systems. All of which allow you to advertise your products and services on small or large scales.

What we need from you...

We're currently conducting a survey to see how much people would spend on an area of advertising space.

The example is: 8,500 visitors will see your digital advert (moving images, videos, audio etc) each week. There is no limit to the sector or age range of these visitors, so they could be children or adults, visiting for business or leisure. You may also advertise any product or service you like.

Please choose an option from the poll below, and click VOTE.

How much would you pay for 8,500 visitors to see your advert each week?
Less than £50 / Week
£50 - £75 / Week
£75 - £100 / Week
£100 - £150 / Week
£150 - £200 / Week
More than £200 / Week


We really appreciate you're feedback with this, as it will help us gain information on how much people are prepared to spend on advertising space. Therefore, we can look at further ventures and price reductions on the likes of our Digital Signage products, allowing you to make the most of your investment!

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