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LG Set To Dominate Display Market LG Set To Dominate Display Market

LG Electronics

LG Aggressively Targets Commercial Display Market by Introducing Highly Capable, Eco-Friendly LED Displays with Low Total Cost of Ownership

LG Electronics have unveiled its extensive LED display products at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2012 tradeshow. The new LED displays offer noticeably reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) through innovative software and impressive energy savings of approximately 30 percent relative to conventional LED displays.

“LG’s display products are ideal for enterprise customers looking for versatile display solutions for use in numerous types of locations and conditions, whether indoors or outdoors,” said Havis Kwon, President and CEO at LG Home Entertainment Company. “Also, we have brought down the total cost of ownership through the application of new software and energy saving technologies.”

The foremost benefit of LG’s LED products is the reduced TCO through a combination of unmatched energy savings and a range of new features. Through LG’s Smart Energy Saving technology, LG’s LED displays consume approximately 30 percent less electricity than other LED displays. The TCO is further reduced by the imbedded Media Player Integrated Solution. Equipped with the Super Sign Elite-W software and a USB port, LG’s LED products do not require external devices and additional software to create, edit and exhibit signage content, unlike conventional LED displays.


Such reductions in TCO are accompanied by the superior capabilities of each respective model. The 55-inch WV70 exhibits the world’s slimmest bezel-to-bezel size of 5.3mm. At ISE 2012, nine WV70s were displayed as one seamless video wall, showing a variety of dynamic K-Pop content. The 55-inch WS50, a standard type LED digital signage, also offers a similar design feature, as it comes with a super narrow bezel of 14mm.

The two display products are optimal for outdoor display, as they both show crystal clear images in vibrant form even under bright, sunny conditions, thanks to a special “shine-out film” and the lack of blackening defects. Furthermore, LG’s LED displays are equipped with an additional 450nit of high intensity brightness compared to competing LED display products, making them particularly useful for the likes of shopping malls and stadiums. Additionally, a large portion of LG’s LED displays are equipped with IPS panels, which noticeably widen the optimal viewing angle, allowing customers to display their signage or multimedia content to audiences across a larger area without sacrificing colour consistency or contrast ratio.

Visitors to the LG booth at ISE 2012 were able to see firsthand the differences between LG’s LED displays and competing products with regards to energy savings, anti-reflection and lack of blackening defects. These products were cleverly displayed in environments contextualised for the needs of customers from a variety of industries, as various sections of the LG booth mimicked, among others, hotels, conference rooms and car dealer shops.

LG also introduced its Pro:Centric technology in the Hotel TV section. Pro:Centric enables customers to relay an array of useful information to guests, which concern hotel services, local travel information and weather, as well as regular TV programs and news. Pro:Centric also comes with interactive features, as its remote control allows guests to check in, check out and request room service with a few, simple key strokes. In other sections, LG displayed conference rooms with video conferencing systems that incorporate web-based recoding features and interactive whiteboards, as well as a car dealership section which featured user convenient touch-screen LED displays that employ IR multi touch technology.

Finally, LG introduced a cost-effective display solution that accommodates to the limited resources of small and medium-size enterprises: the LED EzSign TV. Like other LG LED display products, the LED EzSign TV offers low TCO and remains easy to use, while it is also equipped with the Media Player Integrated Solution. However, the LED EzSignTV can also function as both a signage solution and a TV, allowing customers to display both customized signage and multimedia content, as well as live TV programs.

As premier resellers for LG Displays, AV Works are able to provide unparalleled pricing and support on the new range of products set to hit the market this year. To find out more about the upcoming LG range of displays, call Louis Proctor on 0845 269 0001 today.

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