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AV Works Meets The Makers AV Works Meets The Makers

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This week we've been down Birmingham, at an exclusive Audio Visual event, where we had the chance to meet with some of the worlds largest AV manufacturers. This event gave us the chance to speak to all of the manufacturers’ one on one, to find out what products are going to be the big hitters in the back half of 2010.

There were twelve manufacturers at the AV event, all of which gave us a sneak preview of their up and coming products. Here's a quick taster of what to expect in the next 3-6 months:

BenQ are launching a range of high powered, short throw LED projectors, which have an astonishing lamp life of around 50,000 hours! They are also set to take the education market by storm with the introduction of 3D projectors, designed specifically for use in small venues and classrooms.

Samsung are taking their ever enlarging range of televisions one step further, by integrating a PC and Touchscreen technology into their new LFD (Large Format Display) screens. We were also lucky enough to have a sneak peak at their digital vending machines which use an interactive LED touchscreen display, rather than the conventional buttons.

Cables To Go have just launched a range of wireless AV devices which allows you to plug in to your Laptop or TV via USB and transmit the signal wirelessly to an HDMI or VGA port on your connected device. Completely removing the need for long lengths of cable. They were also showcasing their installation accessories, which included an AV cable which has all of the different connection types in the same loom. This means that instead of having 2 or more cables going to your TV, you just require the one which does everything from HDMI, Audio and Video Component, VGA etc.

Promethean were giving us all the details on their expanding range of software for schools and anyone in the education sector. Almost all of the software from Promethean, which includes their huge catalogue of online teaching programs (all of which are made by teachers, for teachers), can be used on any other type of interactive whiteboard or classroom solution. This means that if you have a SmartBoard or Hitachi Whiteboard in your classroom, you are no longer limited to the education resources available from these manufacturers.

All of the new technology will be available from AV Works once released. In the meantime, if you would like to find out more about any of the products from the manufacturers at the AV event, or have any queries about the other Audio Visual products we stock, please do not hesitate get in touch.

You can also click on the brand names below to see more about their products and innovations on their website:


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